A pacifier is a tool used on a feeding bottle to help suck milk, and it is mostly used by babies. Custom pacifiers can be divided into artificial pacifiers and ordinary pacifiers in shape. The artificial pacifiers are relatively soft, and the overall shape of the pacifier is full. Breast milk is very close, so it is called an artificial pacifier. In terms of the size of the nipple, it can be divided into: standard nipple and wide nipple. Wide-caliber pacifiers have increasingly become the mainstream of people’s choice. The most common pacifiers on the market are silicone and latex, and there is also a rubber. Compared with latex, silica gel has a harder texture, and latex is very soft. It is easy to suck, but it is easy to age if it is not used. You can choose according to the actual situation of each baby.
The pacifier is in direct contact with the baby’s mouth, so special attention should be paid when using it.

★Clean and boil the pacifier before use. (About 2-3 minutes).

★The hole on the nipple has been opened according to different specifications during production, and there is no need to use a needle to make the hole before use.

★When using the nipple, the vent hole and the nipple hole should be upward.

★When feeding, the head and neck of the pacifier should be contained in the baby’s mouth, so that the baby is more comfortable when sucking.

★Choose different stages of pacifiers for babies of different ages.

★As the rubber nipple is made of natural rubber material, it should be replaced in time after using it for a period of time (about 4-6 weeks).

★If you find any cracks on the nipple, replace it in time.

In addition, pay attention to the breastfeeding time. The breastfeeding time of the baby should be between 10-15 minutes. Too long or too short is not conducive to the normal development of the baby’s oral cavity. Careful mothers will find the small hole in the nipple on the bottle. There are also many models. They are mainly:

★ Round hole trumpet (S size): suitable for newborns who cannot control the milk volume.

★Round hole medium size (M size): Suitable for babies who are 2-3 months old and take too long to suck milk with size S. Using this pacifier to suck milk is very close to the amount of milk sucked by the mother’s breast and the number of sucking exercises done.

★Round hole large size (L size): suitable for using the above two kinds of pacifiers……

Custom pacifiers are exclusively for babies’ pacifiers, which are comfortable, safe, and safe to use.